King of Violence

King of Violence, King of Violence


  • [By the studio that brought you <Return of the Mount Hua Sect>!]
  • Lee Gilsoo moved schools in order to avoid the hell-like organizational bullying.
  • At the new school, there are no bullies or bullying, but there is school violence?!
  • A world of fair violence among students, the “Fighting Arena.”
  • Within the Fighting Arena, students fight and enjoy violence.
  • Can Lee Gilsoo, who has only ever lived getting beaten up, adjust to this fierce world of violence?
  • This is the bloody school action growth story of the loner bully victim, Lee Gilsoo!
  • Alternate Name(s): King of Violence
  • Author(s): LICO
  • Genre(s): Action, School, Violence, Fight
  • Type: Manhwa
  • Released: 2024
  • Official Translation: Yes
  • Status: Ongoing (Scan), Ongoing (Publish)

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